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As elucidated in Spell of the Sensuous, by David Abram,
the distance between human kind and the rest of the natural world 
began with the first technology, written language. That rift has been growing as societies have become more entrenched in technology.
I concern my art practice with exploring ways to use technology and nature together
an effort to reconcile that divide.

Artist Resumé

Solo Exhibits

2016   Acts of Disappearing as Methods for Reappearing. Museum of Human Achievement. Austin, TX AND
 Uferstudios. Berlin, Germany  

2012-2013   Hidden Places. Dougherty Arts Center, Austin, TX AND The Jung Center, Houston, TX

2004   Electric Paint. Barnes and Noble Café, Austin, TX

2004   Behind the Looking Glass. Topaz Salon, Austin, TX

1991   Visages. Tarrant County College Photography Gallery, Hurst, TX


Selected Group Exhibits and Lectures

2021    Artist talk: Place, Pandemics, and The Suspension of Time. Ely Center for Contemporary Art. New Haven, CT

2020-2021   The (NotSo) Short Fest. Ely Center for Contemporary Art. New Haven, CT

2020-2021   Tune in to Green Short Film Series - Online Exhibitions 1-3. Diorama Room Arts. Austin, TX

2020   Birdwatching. Collection RERT. Austin, TX

2019   Texas Toast. (Juried). Co-Lab Projects. Austin, TX

2018   Spirit House. Haiku Flash Studios. Austin, TX

2017   Gimme Shelter. (Juried). Columbia City Gallery. Seattle, WA

2017   Weather (By invitation). Lower Level Creative Space. Denver, CO

2016   Back to Athens Festival. (By invitation from the Berlin Soup collective). Athens, Greece

2015   Mix 'n' Mash. Mexic-Arte, Austin, TX

2015   Loose Affairs. SomoS Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2014   Conversations with the Yeah! Collectiph. Collaborative drawings. Cement Loop Studios, Austin, TX

2014   Pop Up Show. SomoS Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2011   Put Another Hat on the Fire. Yeah! Collectiph. Alice Coltrane Memorial Center, Portland, OR

2011   ABAD ~ Memento. Willow North Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

2011   Art in Public Places (Juried). The People’s Gallery @ Austin City Hall

2011   100-4-100, Scholarship Fundraiser Art Auction. Texas State University

2010   16 Seconds. Yeah! Collectiph. Big Red Sun, Austin, TX

2006   City of Austin National Arts Program Exhibit. Carver Museum, Austin, TX

2005   Art in Public Places. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

2005   Capital Area Food Bank Fundraiser. Bouldin Creek Café, Austin, TX

2005   The Unicorn Show. Bolm Studios, Austin, TX

2004   Electricity and Me, Juried. Gallery Lombardi, Austin, TX

2004   Firefighters’ Fundraiser Exhibit. Galerie Jean Moulin, Austin, TX

2003   Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. Elements Gallery, Austin, TX

2003   Hold on to Your Dreams, Scholarship Fundraiser Art Auction. Dougherty Arts School.

2002   Mas! Mas! Mas! Por Que? Por Que? Juried. Gallery Lombardi, Austin, TX

2001   Electricity and Me (Juried). Gallery Lombardi, Austin, TX

1995   The New Gothic (By invitation). Texas Union Art Gallery, Austin, TX

1992   Installments. Cermak Gallery, Chicago, IL

Curation and Art Event Experience

2018   Spirit House Gathering. Haiku Flash Studios. Austin, TX. Curated: participatory installation + performance with sound and video.
1) Developed storyline, choreography and sound framework, 2) Organized artists and rehearsals, 3) Created sculpture, video, and circular projection curtain, 4) Created invitations

2016   Eto Otitigbe's Patience on a Monument. The Warfield Center Collection. Austin, TX. Assisted with sanding, cleaning, sealing, and installation of sculptural "monuments"

2016   Transart Triennale. Berlin, Germany. Uferstudios. Event featuring international contemporary artists working under the theme "Imperceptible Self"
Assisted: 1) Created information cards for the event, 2) Co-hosted in Media Tent, 3) Installed ceiling hung microphones for "Polyphonic Essay on Intimacy and Distance",
4) Installed ceiling mounted projector for film screening room) https://www.elsefoundation.org/triennale2016

2016   Dissolve. Transart Institute Triennale Media Lounge. Uferstudios. Berlin, Germany. Curated: online photography gallery.
1) Coordinated with three photographers' and selected works from their portfolios, 2) Wrote an essay tying those works into Rosi Braidotti's "The Ethics of Becoming Imperceptible",
3) Created blog post, 4) Facilitated viewing of our post, and other Triennale online showcases, by visitors in the Media Lounge
https://www.elsefoundation.org/this-blog OR https://www.elsefoundation.org/this-blog/dissolve

2016   Loose Affairs. SomoS Gallery. Berlin, Germany. Transart Institute's graduating class, pre-thesis show. Assisted with planning of placement of works, installation, and creation + hanging of wall texts

2014   Conversations. Cement Loop Studios, Austin, TX. Co-curated: participatory drawing show.
1) Helped contact artists to participate prior to show, 2) Assisted with initial drawing meetup, 3) Helped hang work (before opening) in studio/gallery to show interactions between drawings,
4) Sent invitations to additional guests / participants, 4) Assisted with setup of tables and supplies + refreshments areas 5) Facilitated participation at opening and hung works made at the event opening 

2010  16 Seconds. Big Red Sun Event Space, Austin, TX. Co-curated: show of work created in 16 seconds, or rounds of, created in any medium
1) Acted as POC for all artists, 2) Made arrangements and met with event space mgmt. for planning, installation, and setup days, 3) Collected and installed artists' works,
4) Planned layout of space, 5) Created invitation and disseminated via Facebook, email, and bulletin boards, 6) Facilitated participation from guests in the interactive art area,
7) Assisted with setup and breakdown of event


2012   Puffin Foundation Grant Recipient for "Bastrop State Park – Back to the Beginning" photography project                 

2006   Honorable Mention. City of Austin National Arts Program Exhibit. George Washington Carver Museum, Austin, TX                  

1989   Scholarship Winner. District-wide Portfolio Exhibit. Tarrant County College, Hurst, TX

Publications and Reviews

2012   Parker, Bryan. Pop Press International. June 14, 2012. http://www.poppressinternational.com/2012/06/14/art-exhibition-stephanie-reid-hidden-places/

2012   Bornstein, Stephen. “Dougherty Arts Center hosts Stephanie Reid’s Fascinating Show, Hidden Places.” Austin Parks and Recreation Blog. June 18, 2012.

Jeju Weekly journalism and photography

http://www.jejuweekly.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=414 (uncredited article)
http://www.jejuweekly.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=272 (uncredited photos)
http://www.jejuweekly.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=268 (uncredited photos)


MFA in Creative Practice with Concentration in Digital Arts - Transart Institute (Accredited by University of Plymouth UK, School of Arts and Media) - August 2016

BA in Organizational Management with a Concentration in Arts Organizations - August 2008

Austin Community College - Studies in multimedia and graphic design

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago - Studies in photography, film, video 

Tarrant County College - Studies in photography, fine art, art history, design, literature, philosophy, and French