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Climax of Spring scroll
A boy flying his kite, amongst cherry blossoms in full bloom,<br />
marks the climax of spring. The next day many of the blossoms<br />
will be blown away in the strong winds that arrive from the north.<br />
To experience cherry blossom season is to truly experience<br />
the feeling of "pbom". The feeling of love is carried on the breeze through the scent of the bee buzzing trees. Life at its most exhuberant. I really want to kiss someone.<br />
<br />
Dol hareubang (stone grandfathers), ancient sculptures of men in magic mushroom<br />
hats, are distinctive to Jeju Island. Their origins are rooted in the volcanic island’s<br />
shamanic culture, and in which the majority of the shamans are women, and mushrooms are used ceremoniously. The mushroom capped grandfather statues, often made from lava rock, are said to possess protective powers<br />
and grant fertility. Here they watch over their young descendant.