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Menagerie . <br />
Giclée with lokta paper. 22x56.<br />
 Columnar jointing is a geological structure created when hot lava bursts through water, which causes the lava to quickly cool into columnar rock formations. The Giant's Causeway in Ireland is the most well known example. Jungmun, a southern area of Jeju Island, also has polygonal cliffs of this type.. <br />
<br />
Every winter, the Sanjicheon Lantern Festival appears along<br />
the riverwalk on Jeju.<br />
These life sized paper lanterns were displayed at the exhibition<br />
of 2009. <br />
<br />
This fanciful composition inserts them into a more natural<br />
setting as if they are real animals. A tigress in the moon watches<br />
as her terrestrial counterpart stalks its prey.