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Hanchi.  <br />
 Metallic Chromira print with water hyacinth paper. 27” x 53”.<br />
Hanchi is the Korean word for ‘squid’. Off of the coast of Jeju Island, South Korea, in the East China Sea, the horizon is never dark at night. It is always  heavily dotted with bright lights from  fishing boats that use high intensity lights  to lure curious prey. For a small fee fishermen will take citizens ‘squidboat fishing’. Instead of a reel and hook, handheld fishing wire with sun shaped metal disks are thrown into the water for the squid beaks to latch onto. At the end of the trip, fresh raw squid is served with gochujang (spicy dipping sauce). In addition, you are given a bag of the cephalopods to clean and cook yourself. The next night we made the best calamari I have ever eaten in my life.